• Race Credit towards any GreenRace Event of equal or lesser distance, within 12 months of volunteering date.
  • Access to all sponsored food & beverages at our GreenRace Event.
  • Additional shuttle transportation to GreenRace Event and/or RideShare if available (transportation cash is not included)
  • The same performance race shirt or shorts that race participants are entitled to for this event.
  • Emailed volunteer certificate recognising your contribution to our total hours volunteered and funds raised from this event (on request).
  • The opportunity to enjoy a happy and fulfilling volunteering Day out with like-minded GreenRace folks!

* We ask for a minimum 8 hours volunteering support (excluding travel time) expected in order to receive all volunteering benefits.


  • 可以得到比賽積分去參與未來12個月爭綠奪秒的比賽。
  • 可享用於爭綠奪秒比賽當日提供的食物和飲品。
  • 如比賽場地適用,提供免費穿梭巴士和/及乘車共享 (不提供交通費用報銷)。
  • 可通過電郵致送義工證書,以茲記錄你的義工時數和是次比賽籌得之款項。
  • 有機會跟志同道合的參加者度過難忘和愉快的一天!
  • Ultra GreenRace HK & SG 義工可以免費參加下一次的 Ultra GreenRace HK 或 SG比賽。Ultra GreenRace HK 義工如果不參加比賽可選擇獲得免費GreenRace Ultra 外套一件。

* 義工要提供最少8小時的義工服務(不包括交通時間)才能獲得上述回報。