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Get out on the trails and onto the RunnerReg Virtual Race Leaderboard. Now is the time for virtual challenges, so what could be better getting out on the trails, pushing yourself against the clock, and locking in a solid performance…. All done and dusted one week before the official trail race even starts! Official TGR Trail Race dates for 2020 can be found here.

Let’s get out there to earn our place in the standings + most excellent finisher’s medal for completing each virtual challenge.

NB. You’ll need to prove you completed the full challenge by uploading your RunnerReg or Strava result, so check out all the rules below. NB. Only RunnerReg timing app or Strava submissions will be accepted for the purposes of final event ranking.

All pumped up to get out and run? Head on further down…!

Prizes are awarded to the top 10 males overall, top 10 females overall, and top 10 teams overall. Winner will receive TGR race credits that can be redeemed on

NB. Team size will not be taken into account for team rankings and prizes. Ie. Teams of 2,3,4 and 5 participants are all competing together for one Top 10 Team Ranking.

Deadlines vary for each event. See the event tiles below for more details regarding race start and end dates.

  1. Participants may start anytime after 6am (local time) on the event start date.
  2. All participants must finish by 6pm (local time) on the final day of the challenge.

The following rules must be adhered to during registration, participation and results submission for any TGR Virtual Run Challenge:

  1. Dates and Deadlines  - All challenges have separate start and finish dates.
    1. Participants may start anytime after 6am (local time) on the event start date. 
    2. Participants must finish by 6pm (local time) on the final day of the challenge.
  2. Submission - All results must be submitted using the uploader below, by 11:59pm on the final day of the challenge. Registered participants must submit:
    1. Two selfie photos are required and are a condition of the registration waiver.
    2. One photo should be taken at the start line and 1 on the course. NB. These photos will be shared publicly.
    3. Send your photos to us here:
      1. (+852 91633306)
      2. Or, use the result uploader on this page (
    4. Strava link showing the Elapsed Time and covering the registered runner completion of the route: 
      1. E.g. Check out my hike on Strava.
  3. GPX - We may ask for your gpx file in case of time in case of discrepancies or for tie-breakers. All attempts must be outdoors - treadmill attempts are not permitted. Results that cannot be verified by gpx may be disqualified.
  4. Multiple Attempts - We will accept one additional attempt at completing the same virtual challenge and before the event end date. Resend your attempt to us via WhatsApp here:
    1. Additional No Limit Race attempts must be made during another scheduled No Limit Race. All other routes may be attempted at any time in the same calendar month.
    2. Partial attempts or incomplete attempts will not be accepted. Eg. Submitting a better time for 1 leg of a 3 Islands challenge.
  5. Timing & Ranking - Elapsed Time on Strava will be used for final results and rankings. The definition of Elapsed Time on Strava is here.
    1. All virtual races are to self-timed using Strava and must be completed continuously on the same day.
    2. All attempts must be outdoors - treadmill attempts are not permitted. NB.
    3. We may request your gpx file for podium finish verification.
  6. Prizes - Although prizes may be updated from time to time, the minimum prize pot from RunnerReg & TGR is as follows: 

TGR Race Credit for the top 10 overall male, top 10 overall female and top 10 overall teams (regardless of team size) on 1 Jan: 

1st - 500 TGR Race Credit

2nd - 400 TGR Race Credit

3rd - 300 TGR Race Credit

4th - 200 TGR Race Credit

5th - 100 TGR Race Credit

6th - 50 TGR Race Credit

7th - 50 TGR Race Credit

8th - 50 TGR Race Credit

9th - 50 TGR Race Credit

10th - 50 TGR Race Credit

* NB: Not all events have team categories available.

5. Final Results - Final standings for all virtual challenges will be finalised within 24 hours of the event completion. Annual champions will be announced by 2 Jan 2021, based on results finalised at 6pm, 1 Jan 2020.

6. Double Champions -  If the Top Overall Male / Female of the virtual challenge is also the Top Overall Male/Female of the official race, a bonus 1000 Race Credits will be awarded.

7. Race Credit - Race Credit may be accumulated and used towards TGR trail races and retreats*


    1. Canada
    2. China
    3. Hong Kong
    4. Japan
    5. Singapore
    6. Thailand

          *Find our latest events open for registration on

8. Sportsmanship - This is a self-supported, semi-competitive, fun challenge. Runners should uphold honour, good sportsmanship and honesty at all times. Always run hydrated, with a partner, and with appropriate gear for conditions on the day.

9. Waiver - By joining this event, you accept the full terms of our waiver. 

Congratulations on completing the virtual race! Please upload your GPX or Strava URL to get ranked. We update the ranking page every few days. 

TGR Immortals Virtual Race

Kapuhala Virtual GreenRace

3 Islands Virtual GreenRace

Pottinger Virtual GreenRace

Double-Nine Virtual GreenRace

Pottinger Virtual GreenRace

Gold Coast Virtual GreenRace

STGR Marathon Virtual Race

No Limit Global Challenge

TGR Summits Virtual Race


EventDist. KMRankBibNameElapsed TimeMoving TimePace M/KMM/FCategory RankProvisional PrizeSolo / TeamTeam Name
TGR Immortals1510191Ferdinand Tsang1:36:261:35:590:06:26M1T8 Sherpa Shorts SoloThe Peak Hunter
TGR Immortals1520610Alvin Fung1:53:171:52:230:07:33M2T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo
TGR Immortals1530029David Leung2:03:142:03:130:08:13M3T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals1540011Chun To Lung (Lincoln)2:05:232:05:210:08:22M4T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals1550083Christian Viloria2:08:541:59:130:08:36M5T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals1560614Mat Wong2:10:072:05:450:08:40M6T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals1570107Filippo Maniero2:11:372:07:210:08:46M7T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals1580121Fredelyn Alberto2:11:562:11:540:08:48F1T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals1590721Raymond Ng2:12:462:05:120:08:51M8T8 Sherpa Shorts SoloThe Peak Hunter
TGR Immortals15100110Vernon Wai Yan Ng2:13:432:11:320:08:55M9T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15110021Lena Tsang2:15:032:12:270:09:00F2T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15120020Wong Tse Fung (Timmy)2:15:052:13:220:09:00M10T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15130248Maximillian Lai2:16:452:13:280:09:07M11 Solo-
TGR Immortals15140038Chun Man Chan2:17:592:16:390:09:12M12 Solo-
TGR Immortals15150704Kathryn Dau2:18:362:17:360:09:14F3T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15160777Lee Moore2:19:511:56:300:09:19M13 Solo-
TGR Immortals15170010Alice McLeod2:20:311:57:550:09:22F4T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15180070Yuk Ming Tom Tsui2:20:332:03:400:09:22M14 Solo-
TGR Immortals15190080Rowell Campos2:21:302:21:200:09:26M15 Solo-
TGR Immortals15200033Catherine Chow2:23:152:14:140:09:33F5T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15210112Sam Manisty2:23:552:23:390:09:36M16 Solo-
TGR Immortals15220328KM LEE2:24:36-0:09:38M17 Solo-
TGR Immortals15230106Wai Yin Chiu (Winnie)2:25:192:13:250:09:41F6T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15240100Frances Lai2:25:272:22:250:09:42F7T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15250251Yukon Man2:27:041:59:070:09:48M18 Solo-
TGR Immortals15260230Clare Au Young2:27:202:27:250:09:49F8T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15270200Stephen Raducki2:27:312:20:580:09:50M19 Solo-
TGR Immortals15280168Joy Wong2:28:312:05:160:09:54F9T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15290028Jovelyn Calingasan2:30:052:04:520:10:00F10T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
TGR Immortals15300113Fely Bejuna2:30:092:27:300:10:01F11 Solo-
TGR Immortals15310555HoMing Kwok2:30:152:21:260:10:01M20 Solo-
TGR Immortals15320016Jean Mangubat2:30:192:06:090:10:01F12 Solo-
TGR Immortals15330002Bryan Ho2:32:442:22:170:10:11M21 Solo-
TGR Immortals15340001Charles Huntley2:33:102:02:530:10:13M22 Solo-
TGR Immortals1535Jason Chan2:34:412:28:080:10:19M23 Solo-
TGR Immortals15360086Tze Kin Chau (Andy)2:35:232:06:400:10:22M24 Solo-
TGR Immortals15370288Will Lai2:37:092:06:210:10:29M25 Solo-
TGR Immortals15380022Ling Fung Elvin Lee2:39:552:27:210:10:40M26 Solo-
TGR Immortals15390015Tim Man2:43:36-0:10:54M27 Solo-
TGR Immortals15400111Mei Yii2:43:492:41:590:10:55F13 Solo-
TGR Immortals15410090Ivy Leung2:44:392:17:280:10:59F14 Solo
TGR Immortals15420227Ka Ying Wan2:45:222:31:210:11:01F15 Solo-
TGR Immortals15430612Kin Sun Pang (Ray)2:45:432:28:230:11:03M28 Solo
TGR Immortals15440510Pui Ying Lau (Emily)2:46:122:37:100:11:05F16 Solo
TGR Immortals15450308Pei Pei Wong2:48:59-0:11:16F17 Solo-
TGR Immortals15460030Ian Bryson2:50:312:45:430:11:22M29 Solo-
TGR Immortals15470077Chun Pong Ho2:50:432:50:410:11:23M30 Solo-
TGR Immortals15480910Cedric Marc HUBERT2:51:532:04:160:11:28M31 Solo-
TGR Immortals15490398Ip CHI HO (Jacky)2:55:272:25:590:11:42M32 Solo-
TGR Immortals15500998Cherry Leung2:58:132:44:160:11:53F18 Solo-
TGR Immortals15510420Fiona Jo Chui3:00:522:48:280:12:03F19 Solo-
TGR Immortals15520066Hau Man Sing (Ricky)3:05:422:44:020:12:23M33 Solo-
TGR Immortals15530128Stephanie Tresch3:05:512:47:260:12:23F20 Solo-
TGR Immortals15540216Kennis Cheng3:05:552:32:230:12:24F21 Solo-
TGR Immortals15550129Hazel Walpole3:06:512:20:530:12:27F22 Solo-
TGR Immortals15560805Chan Mei Ling3:08:152:33:240:12:33F23 Solo-
TGR Immortals15570516Edwin Cheung3:12:242:59:480:12:50M34 Solo-
TGR Immortals15580025Yuk Ting Tsui3:15:373:15:370:13:02F24 Solo-
TGR Immortals15590009Reeve Yip3:17:483:15:010:13:11M35 Solo-
TGR Immortals15600717Ocean Mau Lam3:18:513:05:550:13:15M36 Solo-
TGR Immortals15610222Kelvin Lai3:20:003:20:000:13:20M37 Solo-
TGR Immortals15620120Lei Tszching3:21:143:03:020:13:25F25 Solo-
TGR Immortals15630811Hoi Tik Kwong3:29:19-0:13:57M38 Solo-
TGR Immortals15640528Chap Leung3:35:012:58:350:14:20M39 Solo-
TGR Immortals15650069Shadow Li3:39:463:36:110:14:39M40HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15660108Ricky Chan3:36:143:32:330:14:25M41HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15670098Gil Gadi3:44:063:21:290:14:56M42HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15680117Ma Yau keung3:47:403:28:030:15:11M43HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15690213Theresa Woo3:55:172:49:270:15:41F26 Solo-
TGR Immortals15700333Kenneth Cheung3:55:57-0:15:44M44HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15710688Man Ngan Pennie Poon4:05:14-0:16:21F27 Solo-
TGR Immortals15720007Vincent Cheung4:05:253:17:360:16:22M45HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15730123Angel Chan4:06:42-0:16:27F28 Solo-
TGR Immortals15740122Jenny Panguito4:15:184:10:300:17:01F29 Solo-
TGR Immortals15750026RAGHAVENDRA KRISHNA MURTHY4:33:164:25:280:18:13M46HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15760099Mei Yee Lau4:34:304:34:300:18:18F30 Solo-
TGR Immortals15770032Aakash Rana4:39:45-0:18:39M47HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15780188Leo Lai4:47:07-0:19:08M48HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15790268So Fong Wong (Bonnie)4:50:043:26:480:19:20F31HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15800088Phebe Wong4:53:58-0:19:36F32HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15810333Kenneth Cheung4:54:30-0:19:38M49HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15820655Alice Yin Peng Cheng4:54:42-0:19:39F33HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15830101Kayi Li5:52:034:29:220:23:28F34HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15840034Avis Choy5:52:124:34:040:23:29F35HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15850012Ethel Law6:03:276:03:270:24:14F36HK$100 Solo-
TGR Immortals15860017Suzane Giron6:42:28-0:26:50F37HK$100 Solo
TGR Immortals15870081Anabelle Manzo6:42:283:59:510:26:50F38HK$100 Solo
TGR Immortals15880416Wilma Agbuya7:07:413:10:350:28:31F39HK$100 Solo
TGR Immortals15890143Liza Clavel7:11:287:10:330:28:46F40HK$100 Solo
TGR Immortals341-Scott Thiel3:36:11-0:06:22M1- Solo-
TGR Immortals15-Ender Lam3:39:393:39:080:14:39M-- Solo-
TGR Immortals15-Sabrina Samantha3:53:17-0:15:33F-- Solo-
TGR Immortals15--Yuk Pang Shih (Denny)3:53:512:59:530:15:35M Solo-
TGR Immortals50139Luci Rose Friend1:13:06-0:14:37F1- Solo-
TGR Immortals50027William Ku2:01:432:01:330:24:21M1- Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace151Chun To Lung (Lincoln)1:28:150:05:53M1T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace152Will Lai1:35:460:06:23M2T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace153Marco LAW1:42:060:06:48M3T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace154Tim Man1:45:500:07:03M4T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace155Adrian Worth1:54:470:07:39M5T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace156Ching Ki Arthur Yeung2:05:420:08:23M6T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace157Fred Mary2:06:320:08:26M7T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace158John Ellis2:07:250:08:30M8T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace159Martin Guido2:07:260:08:30M9T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1510Mark Lee2:09:490:08:39M10T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1511Yao-Tai Li2:10:010:08:40M11T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1512Ricky Lee2:17:250:09:10M12T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1513Katherine Whitworth2:22:030:09:28F1T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1514Edwin Cheung2:24:310:09:38M13T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1515Kan Fok2:35:040:10:20M14T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1516Marco LAW2:36:440:10:27M15 Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1517Danielle Roman2:38:550:10:36F2T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1518stephen raducki2:49:440:11:19M16 Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1519Karen Chiu2:49:520:11:19F3T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1520Lauren James2:50:020:11:20F4T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1521Chun Pong Ho2:51:580:11:28M18 Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1522Shadow Li2:55:230:11:42M19T8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1523Peter Yeung2:58:120:11:53M20 Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1524Lo Fai3:11:070:12:44M21 Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1525Ada Cheng3:18:010:13:12FT8 Sherpa Shorts Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1526Chris Lee3:26:500:13:47M22 Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace1527Cheuk Bun Alvin Wong3:47:330:15:10M23 Solo-
Pottinger GreenRace7--Yuk Pang Shih (Denny)0:57:260:55:530:08:12M Solo-
TGR Kapuhala18Chun Pong Ho3:19:470:11:06M 1- Solo-
TGR Kapuhala18Yao Tai Li3:42:390:12:22M 2- Solo-
TGR Kapuhala18Katherine Whitworth3:46:240:12:35F1- Solo-
TGR Kapuhala18Tim Carter4:10:520:13:56M3- Solo-
TGR Kapuhala18Danielle Roman6:07:020:20:23F2- Solo-
TGR Kapuhala18Bun Lau6:19:200:21:04F3- Solo-
TGR Kapuhala18Equeen Leung6:50:460:22:49F Solo-
TGR Kapuhala5William Ku1:08:250:13:41M1- Solo-
No Limit Run51Helene Hopman0:26:570:05:23F1- Solo-
No Limit Run52Chun Pong Ho0:29:280:05:54M1- Solo-
No Limit Run53Eric Li0:29:560:05:59M2- Solo-
No Limit Run51Tarryn Maree0:27:420:05:32F2- Solo-
No Limit Run101Wing Cheuk Lee0:51:470:05:11M1- Solo-
No Limit Run102Blake Atherton0:53:530:05:23M2- Solo-
No Limit Run103Yukon Man1:04:370:06:28M3- Solo-
No Limit Run104David Richard0:57:140:05:43M4- Solo-
No Limit Run105Ivy Leung0:58:570:05:54F1- Solo-
No Limit Run106Chun Pong Ho0:58:590:05:54M5- Solo-
No Limit Run107Eric Li0:59:350:05:58M6- Solo-
No Limit Run108Raghu Krishnamurthy0:59:360:05:58M7- Solo-
No Limit Run109Dustin Hunchak0:59:240:05:56M8- Solo-
No Limit Run1010Chamelia Suhra0:59:340:05:57F2- Solo-
No Limit Run1011Vincent Cheung1:01:120:06:07M9- Solo-
No Limit Run1012Yukon Man1:04:370:06:28M10- Solo-
No Limit Run1013Rachel Yap1:09:490:06:59F3- Solo-
No Limit Run1014Michelle Ho1:10:500:07:05F4- Solo-
No Limit Run1015Kit Yuen1:42:250:10:15F5- Solo-
3 Islands311Nicole Chui4:59:290:09:40F1-Team of 2NAC
3 Islands311Anthony Chui4:59:290:09:40M 1-Team of 2NAC
3 Islands312Alice Mcleod6:10:590:11:58F1-Solo-
3 Islands313Jenny Buck6:39:590:12:54F2-Solo-
3 Islands314Florence Ho6:45:300:13:05F1-Team of 3唔玩咁少
3 Islands314Wai Lan Tang6:45:300:13:05F1-Team of 3唔玩咁少
3 Islands314Yau Kan Pang6:45:300:13:05F1-Team of 3唔玩咁少
3 Islands315Venus Tam7:35:530:14:42F2-Team of 3VLT
3 Islands315Lingzi Ng7:35:530:14:42F2-Team of 3VLT
3 Islands315Tang On Yi7:35:530:14:42F2-Team of 3VLT
3 Islands316Edwin Cheung7:41:090:14:53F3-Solo-
1 Island111Cynthia Apostol4:54:420:26:47F2-Team of 2Me&Judy
1 Island111Judy Sobrepena4:54:420:26:47F2-Team of 2Me&Judy
2 Islands211Stone Tsang3:39:090:10:26M 1-Solo-
2 Islands212Yukon Man4:03:160:11:35M 2-Solo-
2 Islands213Simon Tilbrook4:24:470:12:37M 3-Solo-
2 Islands214Patty Ying4:40:210:13:21F1-Solo-
2 Islands215Jung Hoon Cho6:45:020:19:17M 4-Solo-
2 Islands211Clare Au Young4:36:590:13:11F1-Team of 2CY Team
2 Islands211Yukon Man4:36:590:13:11M 5-Team of 2CY Team
3 Islands311Jenny Buck5:59:260:11:36F1-Solo-
3 Islands311Chun Pong Ho7:51:030:15:12M 1-Solo-
3 Islands311Nugo Yam4:02:450:07:50M 2-Team of 2Nugo&Sarah
3 Islands311Sarah Pemberton4:02:450:07:50F1-Team of 2Nugo&Sarah
Gold Coast161Fumio Yoshikawa2:31:030:09:26M 1-Solo-
Gold Coast241Rod Henderson2:02:110:05:05M 2-Solo-
Gold Coast242Jaques Clot2:16:350:05:41M 3-Solo-
Gold Coast243Vincent Monin3:09:480:07:55M 4-Solo-
Gold Coast244Noble Yuen4:24:380:11:02M 5-Solo-
Gold Coast245Ka Wing Wong4:31:520:11:20M6-Solo-
Gold Coast246Michelle Liezel5:35:380:13:59F1-Solo-
Gold Coast247Leo Leung5:36:220:14:01M 7-Solo-
Gold Coast161Yao Tai Li1:58:380:07:25M 1-Solo-
Gold Coast162Katherine Whitworth2:07:090:07:57F1- Solo-
Gold Coast163Shirley Wu3:20:000:12:30F2-Solo-
Gold Coast164Rozanna Yau3:21:210:12:35F3-Solo-
Gold Coast161Norma Freeman2:28:390:09:17F1-Team of 2Free-tag
Gold Coast161Viki Teggart2:28:390:09:17F1-Team of 2Free-tag


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