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Event NameFirst NameLast NameTeam NameRunner Cat.Final TimeOverall RankCategory RankSplit Time 1Split Time 2Split Time 3Split Time 4DONE & DUSTED
1 IslandCynthiaApostolMe&JudyTeam of 24:54:42114:54:422020-05-31
1 IslandJudySobrepenaMe&JudyTeam of 24:54:42--4:54:422020-05-31
2 IslandsClareAu YoungCY TeamTeam of 24:36:59112:40:261:56:332020-05-03
2 IslandsYukon ManCY TeamTeam of 24:36:59--2:40:261:56:332020-05-03
2 IslandsStoneTsang-Solo3:39:09111:58:061:41:032020-05-17
2 IslandsYukon Man-Solo4:03:16222:22:131:41:032020-05-14
2 IslandsSimonTilbrook-Solo4:24:47332:21:492:02:582020-05-14
2 IslandsPatty Ying-Solo4:40:21412:48:181:52:032020-05-31
2 IslandsJung HoonCho-Solo6:45:02543:58:242:46:382020-05-31
3 IslandsAliceMcleod-Solo6:10:59--3:14:081:24:301:32:212020-04-25
3 IslandsJenny Buck-Solo6:30:22--2:49:181:43:141:57:502020-05-31
3 IslandsChun PongHo-Solo7:51:03--2:57:232:00:142:53:262020-05-16
3 IslandsNugoYamNugo&SarahTeam of 24:02:45--1:27:191:19:271:15:592020-05-31
3 IslandsSarahPembertonNugo&SarahTeam of 24:02:45--1:27:191:19:271:15:592020-05-31
3 IslandsNicoleChuiNACTeam of 24:59:29--2:10:191:17:021:32:082020-04-12
3 IslandsAnthony ChuiNACTeam of 24:59:29--2:10:191:17:021:32:082020-04-12
3 IslandsFlorenceHo唔玩咁少Team of 36:45:30--2:16:562:08:252:20:092020-04-25
3 IslandsWai LanTang唔玩咁少Team of 36:45:30--2:16:562:08:252:20:092020-04-25
3 IslandsYau KanPang唔玩咁少Team of 36:45:30--2:16:562:08:252:20:092020-04-25
3 IslandsVenus TamVLTTeam of 37:35:53--3:14:082:05:262:16:192020-04-26
3 IslandsLingziNgVLTTeam of 37:35:53--3:14:082:05:262:16:192020-04-26
3 IslandsTang OnYiVLTTeam of 37:35:53--3:14:082:05:262:16:192020-04-26
Gold Coast 24KJaquesClot-Solo2:16:35--2:16:352020-02-08
Gold Coast 24KVincentMonin-Solo3:09:48--3:09:482020-03-07
Gold Coast 24KMichelleLiezel-Solo5:35:38--5:35:382020-05-03
Gold Coast 24KLeoLeung-Solo5:36:22--5:36:222020-05-03
Gold Coast 16KFumio Yoshikawa-Solo2:31:03-2:31:032020-04-18
Gold Coast 16KNormaFreemanFree-tagTeams of 22:28:392020-06-01
Gold Coast 16KVikiTeggartFree-tagTeams of 22:28:392020-06-01


Get out on the trails and onto the RunnerReg Virtual Race Leaderboard. Now is the time for virtual challenges, so what could be better getting out on the trails, pushing yourself against the clock, and locking in a solid performance…. All done and dusted one week before the official trail race even starts! Official TGR Trail Race dates for 2020 can be found here. Let’s get out there to earn our place in the standings + most excellent finisher’s medal for completing each virtual challenge. NB. You’ll need to prove you completed the full challenge by uploading your result, so check out all the rules below.

All pumped up? Head on further down…

Prizes are awarded to the top 10 males overall, top 10 females overall, and top 10 teams overall. Winner will receive TGR race credits that can be redeemed on

PlaceTGR Race Credit

Time Before Official Race Day


Early Reg (Virtual)

~6 weeks < 4 weeks before the official race

  • End Sunday @midnight

Normal Reg (2 weeks)

4 weeks < 2 weeks before the official race

  • End Sunday @midnight

Late Reg

2 weeks < 1 week before the official race

  • End Sunday @midnight

Rest Period (1 Week) 

Rest up, 7 days to official race day!

  • Final Virtual Race Standings announced Monday 12 noon (approximately 5-6 days before official race day)

0 = Official Race Day!

Not signed up? Get on it!  -

  1. Dates and Deadlines  - The cutoff for virtual challenge submissions will be Sunday at midnight, approximately one week before the official race day. Final standings will be announced at noon on a Monday, approximately 5 days before official race day. Official TGR Trail Race dates for 2020 are here:
  2. Submission - Registered participants must submit:
    1. Selfie photo at the start line - (+852 91633306)
    2. Selfie photo on course - (+852 91633306)
    3. Strava link covering the registered runner’ completion of the route: 
      1. E.g. Check out my hike on Strava.
  3. GPX - We may ask for your gpx file in case of time in case of discrepancies or for tie-breakers.
  4. Re-Attempts - We will accept multiple attempts at completing your virtual challenge. Simply resend your attempts to us via WhatsApp here:
    1. Partial attempt submissions will not be accepted. Eg. Submitting a better time for 1 leg of a 3 Islands challenge.
  5. Timing - All virtual races are self-timed using Strava and must be completed continuously, same day.
  6. Prizes - Although prizes may be updated from time to time, the minimum prize pot from RunnerReg & TGR is as follows: 

TGR Race Credit for the top 10 overall male, top 10 overall female and top 10 overall teams regardless of size: 

1st - 500 TGR Race Credit

2nd - 400 TGR Race Credit

3rd - 300 TGR Race Credit

4th - 200 TGR Race Credit

5th - 100 TGR Race Credit

6th - 50 TGR Race Credit

7th - 50 TGR Race Credit

8th - 50 TGR Race Credit

9th - 50 TGR Race Credit

10th - 50 TGR Race Credit

5. Final Results - Final standings for the virtual race will be announced 5 days before the official TGR trail race.

6. Double Champions -  If the Top Overall Male / Female of the virtual challenge is also the Top Overall Male/Female on the official race day, a bonus 1000 Race Credits will be awarded.

7. Race Credit - Race Credit may be accumulated and used towards You can accumulate your Race Credits and use them in other TGR trail races and retreats in : 

    1. China
    2. Hong Kong
    3. Japan
    4. Thailand
    5. Singapore

8. Sportsmanship - This is a self-supported and semi-competitive fun challenge. We don’t tolerate poor sportsmanship, cheating and dishonesty. You shouldn’t run alone and by joining, you’re accepting full terms of our waiver. 

Congratulations on completing the virtual race! Please upload your GPX or Strava URL to get ranked. We update the ranking page every few days. 


Gold Coast GreenRace Virtual Challenge

  • Gold Coast, Hong Kong
  • 1 Feb - 30 Jun, 2020
  • 24km • 16km • 9km
  • Fee HK$100< 1 May | HK$125 < 1 June | HK$150 < 30 June

Pottinger GreenRace Virtual Challenge

  • Shek O, Hong Kong
  • Now - 12 June, 2020
  • 15km • 7km • 4km
  • Fee HK$100 < 20 Apr | HK$125 < 4 May | HK$150< 10 May


Kapuhala GreenRace Virtual Challenge

  • Tai Po, Hong Kong
  • 14 May - 7Jun, 2020
  • 18km
  • Fee HK$100 < 18 May | HK$125 < 01 Jun | HK$150 < 07 Jun


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