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1. Taking time to build a strong base and foundation will help you progress strongly and enjoy your first ultra-marathon.

2. Personalize a specific training plan and schedule: You want to make sure that you follow a proper training plan that you will be able to include in your work and life schedule.

3. Include cross training sessions: Now we know how important cross training is to increase our fitness level, core strength, running form, muscle strength in order to avoid injuries. To avoid muscle overuse, include some other type of cardio like cycling, swimming, elliptical trainer.

4. Include proper nutrition in your training plan: Eating a clean and healthy daily diet will make a big difference in your training. You also need to use your long runs to train for your race nutrition, so you can figure out a race-day nutrition plan

5. Know the course: If you have access to the course, make sure you do some training on the race course so that you get familiar with the terrain, and that your body gets used to it physically and mentally. If you don’t have access to the specific course, train on similar terrain (elevation, technical course).

6. Learn about pacing: How fast you run and push during the first half of an ultra-marathon will have a huge impact on how you will feel during the second half; more pain, fatigue and low energy

7. Walk the uphill: Running the uphill during training is a great way to increase your stamina and strength, but when running an ultra-marathon, it is very important to power hike the steep inclines up the hills to save energy for the rest of the race.

8. Find the right gear: Hydration pack, headlamp, shoes, clothing.


9. Schedule some recovery time: Recovery time has to be included in your training schedule. The more effort you put into your training, the more important it is to include some recovery days (slow and easy runs, more sleep, a day off).


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