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Tigershead @ Mui Wo

Hong Kong, 24 Aug, 2019

16K – 2:30PM 
8K – 4:00PM
Solo, Pairs

Tigershead Overview

On the 24th of August, we’ll be hosting the third edition of Tigershead GreenRace, featuring a 8km and 16km race. Both courses are filled with diversity, taking runners on a trip through local villages, past Silvermine Cave, climbing over Tiger’s Head on arguably one of the most picturesque trails in Hong Kong, with sweeping views back across Lantau Island and over to Hong Kong Island.


  • Interactive Map - Hover over the elevation profile to view the course map route.
Race Overview
24 August, 2019 (Saturday)

  • 14:30 – 16K Solo/Pairs Start
  • 16:00 – 8K Solo Start
  • 16:30 – CP1 Cut-Off
  • 18:30 – Finish Cut-Off
16K, 8K
  • Students: 13 – 19 yrs old
  • Greens: 20 – 29 yrs old
  • Primes: 30 – 39 yrs old
  • Perennials: 40 – 49 yrs old
  • Vintages: 50 – 59 yrs old
  • Antiques: 60+
Age Categories
Solo, Pairs
Entitlements / Opt-Ins & Outs
  • One Milestone + GreenRace Special Edition Headlamp included in Reg (+HK$100)
  • Two or Three Milestone + GreenRace Special Edition Headlamp included in Reg (+HK$200)
  • Uglow + GreenRace Special Edition Tigershead Polo Tee (Opt-in HK$200)
  • Special edition finishers beer glas
  • GreenRace Sustainably Sourced Finisher’s Award/Medal
  • Fresh fruit, hydration & ice cold Tiger Beer at the finish line.
  • $50 Coupon from Hoya Kerry
  • Discounts and Special Offers from our GreenRace Partners.
Apr – 30 Jun [Early Bird]
  • 16K Solo – HK$450
  • 16K Pair- HK$400 (Per Participant)
  • 8K Solo – HK$350
1 Jul – 31 Jul [Normal Bird]
  • 16K Solo – HK$500
  • 16K Pair- HK$450 (Per Participant)
  • 8K Solo – HK$400
1 Aug- 20 Aug [Late Bird]
  • 16K Solo – HK$550
  • 16K Pair- HK$500 (Per Participant)
  • 8K Solo – HK$450
Drop Bags
  • We have a secure bag drop tent available at all races.
  • We do not provide plastic bags for personal belongs.
  • Please bring your own bag to be left at the Start/Finish while you’re out racing.
  • Do not leave any valuables or cash/cards/keys in your drop bag.
  • We will not be held responsible for any lost or missing items on race day (although we do keep a lost and found bin at the Bag Drop tent.
Registration Deadline
20 August 2019

Past Event Gallery

Countdown to TIGERSHEAD 2019

Participants are entitled to Uglow GreenRace singlet (+HK$100), sustainable finishers award, ice cold beer at the finish line, high quality food at the finish line, and Discounts and Special Offers from our Green Partners.


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