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Hard As Nayls @ Clearwater Bay

Hong Kong, 13 December, 2020

50K – 8:00am
16K – 11:00am
8K – 11:30am
4K – 11:45am
Solo, Pairs, Family

Hard As Nayls Overview

Hard As Nayls, a fund-raising event held in the memory of Andy Naylor, is known as “Clearwater Bay’s Toughest Running Event for all Ages”. HAN takes us across breathtakingly beautiful Clearwater Bay Country Park and Ma On Shan Country Park. The race visits off-the-beaten track trails and is held in one of the most scenic areas of Hong Kong, offering sweeping vistas of the South China Sea from High Junk Peak.

We are pleased to support this trail race and carry it forward as part of our Green Race family of events. We’re also pulling out all the stops to make this one of our best charity fundraisers to date, with the Naylor Family, Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation and Exchange & Empower as equal beneficiaries.

Through net registrations and runner donations, our goal is to raise HK$50,000. Together, Hard As Nayls and The Green Race invite you to celebrate the love of trail running, community involvement and family participation on 13 December 2020.


Race Overview
13 December, 2020 (Sunday)

  • 06:30 – 07:30 Racepack Collection on race day 50K
  • 08:00 – 50K Start (12hr cut-off)
  • 09:30 – 10:30 Race Pack Collection on race day 16K
  • 10:30 – 11:15 Race Pack Collection on race day 8K & 4K
  • 11:00 16K Start (5hr cut-off)
  • 11:30 8K Start (2.5hr cut-off)
  • 11:45 4K Start (1.5hr cut off)
  • 13:00 4K cut-off time
  • 14:00 8k cut-off time
  • 16:00 16K cut-off time
  • 20:00 50K cut-off time Hard As Nayls #DoneAndDusted
50K, 16K, 8K, 4K
  • 50K – Solo & Pairs*
  • 16K – Solo & Pairs*
  • 8K – Solo & Family*
  • 4K – Solo & Family*
*all pairs and family runners must start and finish together
Age Categories
  • Family 4K : 6 – 12 years old/mixed ages*
  • Family 8K: 8 – 13 years old/mixed ages*
  • Students: 13 – 19 years*
  • Greens: 20 – 29 yrs
  • Primes: 30 – 39 yrs
  • Perennials: 40 – 49 yrs
  • Vintages: 50 – 59 yrs
  • Antiques: 60+
*accompanied by 1 or 2 parents
Entitlements / Opt-Ins
  • GreenRace card holder
  • GreenRace wooden sustainable photo holder (first 100 finishers)
  • Meeting Santa Clause at the finish line for the big and little kids 😉
  • Painting and arts and crafts activities at the finish line
*In order to avoid wastage, the final day to order shirts/medals will be the 4th of November
Early Bird (on or before 31 Aug)
  • 50K Solo – HK$550
  • 50K Pairs – HK$550 per runner
  • 16K Solo – HK$400
  • 16K Pairs – HK$400 per runner
  • 8K Solo – HK$300
  • 8K Family – HK$300 per adult (1 or 2 Parents + Up to 3 Children)
  • 4K Solo – HK$300
  • 4K Family – HK$300 per adult (1 or 2 Parents + Up to 3 Children)
Regular Bird (1 Sep – 30 Sep)
  • 50K Solo – HK$600
  • 50K Pairs – HK$600 per runner
  • 16K Solo – HK$425
  • 16K Pairs – HK$425 per runner
  • 8K Solo – HK$325
  • 8K Family – HK$325 per adult (1 or 2 Parents + Up to 3 Children)
  • 4K Solo – HK$325
  • 4K Family – HK$325 per adult (1 or 2 Parents + Up to 3 Children)
Late Bird (1 Oct – 29 Nov)
  • 50K Solo – HK$650
  • 50K Pairs – HK$650 per runner
  • 16K Solo – HK$450
  • 16K Pairs – HK$450 per runner
  • 8K Solo – HK$350
  • 8K Family – HK$350 per adult (1 or 2 Parents + Up to 3 Children)
  • 4K Solo – HK$350
  • 4K Family – HK$350 per adult (1 or 2 Parents + Up to 3 Children)
Final Week (30 Nov – Race Day)
  • 50K Solo – HK$700
  • 50K Pairs – HK$700 per runner
  • 16K Solo – HK$500
  • 16K Pairs – HK$500 per runner
  • 8K Solo – HK$400
  • 8K Family – HK$400 per adult (1 or 2 Parents + Up to 3 Children)
  • 4K Solo – HK$400
  • 4K Family – HK$400 per adult (1 or 2 Parents + Up to 3 Children)
Drop Bags
  • We have a secure bag drop tent available at all races.
  • We will not be held responsible for any lost or missing items on race day (although we do keep a lost and found bin at the Bag Drop tent.
  • Please ensure you attach the bag tag to your bag with your bib number on it before handing it to the race crew member

We Support

Exchange & Empower

Exchange & Empower are one of the official charities of the Hard As Nayls Run. The Exchange and Empower program is a collaboration between Hong Kong Trail Running Women and legendary trail runner and feminist Mira Rai. The program aims to provide talented young female runners in Nepal the opportunity to broaden their horizons, experience different lifestyles, and share their stories and culture with others.

Sai Kung Stray Friends

Sai Kung Stray Friends is a Hong Kong non-profit charity which helps over 100 stray, abandoned, sick and injured dogs by fostering them until a kind and responsible owner can be found to take ownership of the dogs. They also work on educating the public to neuter their dogs to reduce the number of unwanted stray and abandoned dogs to minimise dog suffering. Every dog that is rescued by Sai Kung Stray Friends is health checked, de-sexed, vaccinated and given flea, tick and heartworm prevention. They also try to provide any necessary treatment and emergency surgery that may be needed.

Hard As Nayls

The Hard As Nayls was set up in 2015 in memory of Andy Naylor a former Police Superintendent who spoke fluent Cantonese and was one of Hong Kong's top runners who drowned during the 2012 New York Ironman. Andy's records as a runner speak for themselves with a 2:32:39 and 74th place at the London Marathon in 2009 and 1:12:14 at the UNICEF half marathon in 2008.

Past Event Gallery

Countdown to HARD AS NAYLS 2020