4 Race Series // April - Oct 2019

Takes GreenRace back to its roots with super fun, all-inclusive events where participants of all ages and running abilities can get out to enjoy, achieve, and celebrate together!

Fun Series

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3 Islands
21 April 2019

31K, 21K
Solo, Pairs

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18 May 2019

15K, 6.5K
Solo, Pairs

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Tigershead @ Mui Wo

24 August 2019

16K, 8K
Solo, Pairs

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Double Nine @ Braemar Hill

7 October 2019

10K, 5K, 3K
Solo, Pairs, Family

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Long & Short Series Overview

Short Series
Long Series
20K 3 Islands (Apr)
6.5K Pottinger (May)
8K Tigershead (Aug)
5K Double Nine (Oct)
31K 3 Islands (Apr)
15K Pottinger (May)
16K Tigershead (Aug)
10K Double Nine (Oct)
Entry Fee
20K 3 Islands – 230 HKD
6.5K Pottinger – 375 HKD
8K Tigershead – 350 HKD
5K Double Nine – 300 HKD
31K 3 Islands – 450 HKD
15K Pottinger – 500 HKD
16K Tigershead – 450 HKD
10K Double Nine – 500 HKD


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