Runners Fuel Prize Sponsor

GreenRace #1 Choice! We love this natural, tasty alternative to modern sports nutrition packed in biodegradable leaf wrapping. Lucho Dillitos and GreenRace have been together from the very start and together, we are always thinking up new green initiatives to help support our communities.

Benefit: New flavours sponsored as prizes to our GreenRace runners! Free shipping for all GreenRace HK Lucho orders here. Find all prizes on offer here.


Strabens Hall is an independent advisory office, with locations in Hong Kong and London. Strabens provides professional, non-conflicted, asset management and financial consultancy services to internationally mobile clients. SHL also provide independent international mortgage and finance consultation with focus on UK Buy to Let investments.

Benefit: Members and associates of TGR are able to take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation and gain access to the members area of the Strabens client portal. Access to UK Expat tax planning and UK property financing.

RacePack Collection, Runner’s Nutrition & Hydration Partner

Gone Running supports unique GreenRace running retreats and also supplies our runners with the highest quality nutrition & endurance fuel… and does it with reusable / recyclable bins!

Benefit: 10% off in-store purchases with race pack collection from GONE RUNNING. An extra 5% off if you climb the stairs instead of taking the lift – saving about 100g of CO2 emissions! Find all prizes on offer here.

Vlad Ixel

Vlad Ixel is a professional coach and runner sponsored by the North Face. Vlad is widely regarded as the best ultra-runner in Hong Kong, with continued wins both locally and abroad. Vlad brings to coaching a huge depth of knowledge and practical experience. SCMP Victorious at MSIG Sai Kung article here.

Benefit: We partner with Vlad Ixel for our weekly LRC training sessions and to create tailored training programs for our runners. Learn from the best of the best.


ALKA12™ is the world’s purest 100% natural magnesium product committed to boosting wellness and energy for LIFE, poised as the pioneer in the sports industry. ALKA12™ is a sport massage gel that must be applied directly to the skin where it gets absorbed. A Transdermal magnesium absorptions delivers an instant and immediate effect as it is able to reachs the problematic tissues and cells. It is a new popular form of medicine, as it does not upset the stomach or other organs in the body. Magnesium is delivered with optimal absorption directly into the skin tissue, with cellular uptake commencing immediately, effectively feeding muscles allowing them to recover naturally and quickly. Magnesium is one of the most necessary minerals for sports nutrition and proper functioning under high exertion sports, many athletes and sport enthusiasts however, remain unaware of its critical importance in maintaining health and performance. Magnesium plays a fundamental role in optimal muscle contraction, skeletal strength and energy production helping to maintain proper oxygenation of muscle tissues necessary for athletic performance.

Title Community & Environmental Partner

GreenRace community volunteers get dirty and sweaty while cleaning HK trails and coastlines… and feel great about it! Join the thousands of volunteers already supporting this green cause by registering a team for the HKCleanup Challenge!

Benefit:  Come out and volunteer on our HK Cleanup community beach and trail cleans!

More Detail on HKCleanup Website:
Get out and Volunteers With Us!

Title Running Club Partner (Hong Kong Island)

In collaboration with LRC we’ve organised a Green Running Club! LRC is a historic landmark in Hong Kong, founded in 1883. We’re very grateful to work alongside this prestigious Club to bring to their members and guests, professional running coaching and training plans!

Benefit:  Monthly sponsored gifts to LRC Run Club Members:


Fields is one of the premier trail running race organisers in Japan. Fields proposes a healthy and vibrant lifestyle by offering a sports field that has been thoughtfully selected. The events are designed such that runners can appreciate the characteristics and beauty of each region.

Benefit: We have up to 10 free entries to Fields Co races in Japan. Please contact us if you’re interested in accessing these events.


Kapuhala aims to bring sport and training, food and nutrition, living and well-being all together in a sustainable manner. We have designed our movement for people like us, who love eating good and sustainable food, who train every day in preparation for the next race, and who enjoy relaxing in eco-resorts that recharge our mind, body and soul. This is Kapuhala.

Benefit: Runners will get the chance to win entries to Kapuhala sessions at various races! Find all prizes on offer here.

Hotel Icon

Hotel ICON is a very special hotel with an equally special purpose: Not only does it embody all the creative energy and spirit of Hong Kong, it’s a “learning environment” on which the aspirations of future hoteliers come to life as part of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and an extension of its School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM).

At Hotel ICON we care about the environment, the local culture and community, so preserving it comes naturally. The hotel is committed to doing everything possible to benefit the planet and the community through sustainable operations. From paperless check-in to offering 100% electric transportation with our electric bus, Tesla limousine and the BMW i3, it’s the little things at Hotel ICON that mean a lot when taken together.

The hotel is pleased to be one of the volunteers and sponsors for TheGreenRace Ultra, and is happy to giveaway our homemade energy bar and gluten free muffin to support this zero waste event.

Title Race Venue Sponsor (New Territories)

We’re very fortunate to be partnered with one of Hong Kong’s finest country clubs, Hong Lok Yuen. Our premiere event, The GreenRace Ultra will start and finish at the Club. We have the privilege of utilising their fantastic facilities and bringing to our runners something very unique & unprecedented in Hong Kong!

Benefit: Start/finish for The GreenRace Ultra with showers, bar and restaurant for post-race gathering. Savings of up to 30% are available for GreenRace participants looking to become members of The Country Club at Hong Lok Yuen. Just provide you proof of registration to this GreenRace event.


Performance trail running gear designed by ultrarunners, and built ultralight and supercool for Hong Kong’s hot and humid conditions. Check out our Commando men’s chafe-free running underwear and our lightweight Sherpa Shorts with integrated waistband pockets to carry all your gear. #T8run


Joint Dynamics is Hong Kong’s first multidisciplinary studio combining physiotherapy, manual therapy and personal training. We provide a bespoke approach to prevention and treatment of movement impairments and injury.

Runners Benefit: We partner with Joint Dynamics for our weekly LRC training sessions. Joint Dynamics offers an exclusive 20% discount to those registered for selected GreenRace events, including Summits.


The Jacques Farel hayfield collection is made with the future in mind, as it aims to be as sustainable and as natural as possible.

The man behind the collection is timepiece designer Elliot Froidevaux, born in Switzerland , who grew up in Hong Kong. His love of nature, the countryside and his passion for trail running has inspired him to design a collection that is not only beautiful but also as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

The leathers used are from an organic farm in Germany and the woods are original and natural, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The paper for the packaging is FSC certified and printed using soy-based inks. In a rapidly changing and often stressful city such as Hong Kong, we wanted a watch that allows you to stop, think, relax and feel again the beauty of nature.

Benefit: Runners will get the chance to win Jacques Farel Hayfield watches at various races! Find all prizes on offer here.

Title Fitness Training Provider

d.BeFit was founded in 2012 by Katia Kucher an NASM certified personal trainer. Her philosophy and motivation behind d.BeFit is to promote healthy lifestyles.

Benefit: 15% discount on training sessions and sports nutrition consultations at d.BeFIT.

Contact Katia at to set up a meeting!


Whole Green Peonies is a privately listed company based in Hong Kong, with its focus on importing premium quality wines from across the globe to introduce the world of undiscovered wines into Hong Kong at competitive prices. Their vision is to provide quality services that exceed the expectations of their customers, while building long term relationships.

Benefit: Use GREENRACE code while purchasing Whole Green Peonies products to avail of an exclusive 20% discount for GreenRace runners.


Women In Sports Empowered (“WISE HK”) was founded with a mission to champion sports for women and girls in Hong Kong. We would love to witness the day when sports is as ingrained in our lives as academics, work and family is. We believe everyone can play sports and that there’s a sport out there for all of us.

Benefit: Collaborates with the GreenRace to promote and encourage participation of women in trailrunning events.

4 Deserts

The 4 Deserts Race Series is widely recognized as the most prestigious outdoor footrace series in the world. The series consists of the Sahara Race (Egypt/Namibia), the Gobi March (China/Mongolia), the Atacama Crossing (Chile) and The Last Desert (Antarctica). Competitors in the races traverse 250 kilometers in seven days over rough country terrain with only a place in a tent and water provided. They are supported by highly qualified staff, all with experience in hiking, marathons and ultramarathons, and medical teams specializing in wilderness medicine.

Benefit: Podium finishers at any GreenRace events will be entitled to USD$100 4 Deserts credit at a first come first serve base. Offer is limited!


Humble Brush is the flagship product of The Humble Co.- a Swedish, eco-friendly oral care brand with a mission to reduce the impact on the planet of the 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes produced each year. These toothbrushes are not recyclable, ending up in landfill or incinerators, and many find their way into our oceans and water sources. The Humble Brush consists of a stylish, fully biodegradable bamboo handle, grown on responsible, panda friendly plantations. Bamboo is the fastest growing most sustainable plant in the world and naturally antibacterial, requiring no fertilisers or pesticides.

It is also a socially responsible “Give Back” brand. The Humble Smile Foundation is funded by each purchase of one of The Humble Co.’s products and provides oral care and education to some of the most under privileged and remote communities around the world.

Benefit: Sponsored at GreenRace Family events such as Braemar & Pottinger. Good for you, good for the planet and good for others. Make the switch. Go Humble. Give Smiles!

Community Partner

Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based non-profit organization whose goal is ” to connect people in a broken world”.  As their name suggests: crossroads, they bring together those in need and those who can help.  CRF collect quality excess and second-hand goods from businesses and private donors, refurbishing them if necessary, and then distributing them to those in need, in Hong Kong and around the world.


Waterlinks offers air and water filters as well as chemical free cleaners to keep your home clean and free of pollutants naturally. Water filters include whole hose, under-the-sink and countertop models as well as filter bottles for when you are on the go. Brands carried include WaterChef, Aquasana, AquaTru, GAYL, Soapnut Republic, AirRevival and LIFAair.

Benefit: All green race runners receive 10% discount by using the code “TGR10” upon checkout at

Community Partner

Together, Foodlink & GreenRace promote zero waste in Hong Kong by promoting the reduction of food waste and also helping those in need. Since 2001, Foodlink is a registered HK based charity committed to providing nutritious and healthy meals to needy people in Hong Kong, while simultaneously reducing wastage in the food service industry.

Benefit: Runner’s opt out funds go towards Foodlink who help to reduce food waste and feed those in need in Hong Kong.

Official Water Provider

Life Solutions is our official water provider. With their state-of-the-art filtration systems, they can tap into virtually any water source to provide, clean, potable water. They provide a sustainable alternative to the carboys and bottles generally seen at races!

Benefit: Life Solutions provides the water at our annual Braemar Hill event for our runners.